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When Your House Is On Fire — The Hamazon

Everyone will have words today. You know it, I know it. Loud, angry, panicked, heartbreaking words of disbelief; triumphant, jeering, chaotic voices of hatred but also hope. Today, these are the words I need to set free from the brown female body I live in so I can move forward and turn the fear running […]

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A History of Cake — The Hamazon

The first mention of cake appears in a Shakespearean sonnet in 1592. Shall I compare thee to a summer cake? Thou art more lovely and more decadent. In 1755, the Earl of Earlingstone-Hamshire-Winthropp (nicknamed “The Earl of Earl,” for obvious reasons), on the eve of his 100th birthday, received a lovely layered dessert made of […]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers — The Hamazon

Like many adult-children who assume their parents will live forever, I hoped my parents would also be my personal storage space for Everything I’ve Ever Made, Loved, or Owned. I saw the writing on the wall when my old bedroom became my mother’s «project room,» and they started sounding like Japanese organization consultants. Still, I […]

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Geraldine Sucks: The Musical — A Review — The Hamazon

I recently attended the opening night of Geraldine Sucks: The Musical and, beyond a couple of missteps, it did not disappoint. Based on Geraldine DeRuiter’s bestselling memoir, All Over The Place, and her deepest insecurities as told by three narrators — two therapists and her frontal lobe — this modern musical digs deep like a […]

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The Kind-Of Care Bear  — The Hamazon

I miss not caring about stuff. I miss the days when I didn’t know or care which Greek island my yogurt came from. I miss not thinking about how it was made, how the ingredients were sourced, how the workers who packaged it were treated. I miss not caring about how the yogurt […]

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GoT Recap, Ep 3: Five Queens A-Warring — The Hamazon

Welcome back to my Why Didn’t I Pick ‘Bob’s Burgers’ To Recap Game of Thrones recap! This episode had lots of jokes, subtle as they were. I appreciated all the dialogue, as we had a lot to get through this week. Spoilers and Buzzfeed headlines (in bold) ahead! The 23 Greatest TV Show Meetings […]

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The gem of Abu-Dhabi Жемчужина Абу-Даби — Karyna B — Lifestyle Blog

Ritz Carlton AbuDhabi Grand Canal, yes, yes, Grand Canal, the one associated with Venice:) And when you sit in one of the restaurants with the view of the Canal you might even feel for a second that you are in Venice. But just for a second! 🙂 Not more. Then you start paying attention to […]

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