Cashew Cream — Kind State Of Mind

When you omit dairy from your kitchen it leaves a rather large gap in the creamy ingredient stakes. Cashew cream magically manages to fill this void for those of us who aren’t content to leave behind creamy, rich textures. I know it may seem strange but cashews when soaked and blended can form the base of […]

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Beefayre Watermint and Rosemary Candle — Kind State Of Mind

There’s not much to say about this candle apart from that it smells like absolute heaven. I wish I could climb inside the little glass container and live there as it just smells so darn good. Seeing as that’s not possible I will make do with burning it in my living room, taking deep, appreciative […]

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Simple Vegan Meringues — Kind State Of Mind

Ever so simple, ever so sweet. This recipe is super easy and produces lovely meringues without even the mention of an egg. Instead of egg whites the recipe uses aquafaba, which is the water drained from a tin of chickpeas. I know, it sounds insane, and not a little bit weird. Who wants a meringue with an after […]

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